Leadership Management

Model established management methods like MBO or OKR in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


  • Any number of freely definable Goals and Goal Templates (e.g: per year, quarter, project or department)
  • Goal Templates can be assigned to any employee or team at the push of a button
  • Clear overview in a tree structure
  • Define your own Goal Attainment in percent for each deviation from the target value.
  • The employee is always informed with the help of tiles and headlines regarding his goals in the role center.
  • Quick Entry Page
  • Goal Agreement to print
  • Scoring System Integrated - Link the Goals to any kind of Score e.g an amount of money
  • Track Goal Attainment of all employees in your company at a single glance
  • Color coded Visualization of Goals
  • Historical analysis over several years
  • The product can be used in many different ways, for example as a project management tool (assign projects to employees, define milestones and budget goals that the employee should achieve)
  • Designed to be as independent from the standard business logic as possible

Goal Template Card

Employee Goal


There is a detailed PDF documentation available for download.
Manual Download

Getting started
A detailed step-by-step guide to get you started using the app.
Getting started Download

Demo data
Download a Rapid Start package with different demo data. They show different use cases how you can use the app.
Demo data Download

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